Manufacturing and sale of seed dressing machine

Technical features of seed dressing machine:

Type: HVC-1
Capacity: 5 tph
Absorbed power: 2,5 kW
Weight: 280 kg

Seeds can be damaged or impaired by various disease or parasites so seeds must be protected to prevent the spread of the disease, or to prevent the pests after seeding. The dressing agent is a liquid and it covers the grain. The dressing agents usually are mixed by their manufacturer and they need only dilution, but the specified dosage is vital. At the development and operation of the seed dressing machine the most important aspect to keep the load of the environment as low as possible.

The seed dressing machine developed by our company meets the following requirements:

  • accuracy of the feeding of the dressing agent and seed
  • easy to operate and reliable operation
  • after calibration the parameters shall remain constant, so the quality is permanent
  • the liquid distributor is controlled by the gravity flow of the seed to be dressed, so there is no idle run and the quality is constant after every restart
  • the dressing agent is guaranteed to cover the seeds uniformly
  • special care was taken to prevent the dressing agent to spill into the environment; overflow is impossible
  • the mixing and feeding tanks can be cleaned completely and easy to refill and evacuate them

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