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HETECH was established in 1998 and for today became one of the leader company engaged on the field of grain storage (metal siloplants, horizontal storage systems); designing and erection of grain dryers and cleaners as complete technologic system. Nearly all phases of the work are supported by CAD system providing quick arrangement, high level design and execution. Our company has performed more than 300 projects meaning nearly 1,000,000 ton storage capacity during the last 18 years in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.

As a result of the displayed high performance and according to the challenge of the market, HETECH has accomplished different developments and investments of its site: e.g. construction of new production hall, new CNC sheet processing centres and the relevant staff increase. Last year we gained additional foreign markets and nice successes could be achieved in the designing and erection of dryer plants. Products manufactured and sold by our company meet the requirements of the relevant EC directives and standards.

Our production halls

We started the machine manufacturing activity in 2006 on a nearly 1200 sqm area office-workshop building with 6 ironworkers and with 10 office clerks.

We are proud that since then we have multiplied our staff number and we have erected a production hall of 1800 sqm to produce grain dryers and cleaners and the relevant accessories (handling machines and other accessories) developed by our company. This production is made with high level up-to-date manufacturing machines with professional workers.

We took over our new 3000 sqm warehouse hall in 2015.

Our warehouse hall

The aim of the construction of our new warehouse hall is to increase our logistical capacity, to improve its quality and to make a quicker service of our customers. The new warehouse with its high racking system provides not only quicker and clearer-cut stock movement but to fulfil sweetly the continuously increasing demands of our partners. The location of new warehouse and its loading bay results faster service of the trucks. This process is also supported by new material handling machines and up-to-date IT administration system.