Manufacturing of grain cleaners and seed cleaners

We recommend our seed cleaners, developed jointly with Tisza Vetőmag Ltd. for small and big companies working in the agricultural sectors.

The harvested grain can contain contaminant seed, broken or undeveloped grains and different kind of pollution so it requires cleaning before storage. Cleaning is made with cleaners installed into the technologic lines.

Main features of a grain cleaner, providing the effectiveness of the reliable work and long life:

  1. The massive, rigid frame provides the effectiveness of the separation work of the sieve by grain size.
  2. The ribbed feeding axle can be continuously adjusted in the capacity range of 1 and 30 tph. The feeder provides a curtain-like feeding of the grain into the screening surface, minimizing the falling speed and increasing the effectiveness of the pre-suction air.
  3. The machine is equipped with three screening bodies with different skew angles, with total surface of 5 sqm. It is excellently suitable for little and medium sized farms for the effective cleaning of industrial small grains and also big grain particles.
  4. The cleaner is equipped with a potent fore- and after suction air duct system the operation of which is completely synchronized with the separation work of the screens by sizes. The heavy particles from the fore- and after suction air are collected on the bottom of the expansion chambers, discharged by two separate transporting augers, so the effectiveness of the fore and after suction air can be observed separately. The effective operation of the suction air is provided by the fan installed at the top of the dust separator cyclone.

Some pictures from our grain cleaner and seed cleaner references

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