Control & regulating software

Our grain dryer and handling systems are offered with full automatic and individually developed control system with the following main features:

  • Meet the highest technologic demands
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Multiple protection
  • Due to the continuous development the system is able to satisfy any special requirement

Similarly to the widely spread complex systems this control also consists of two main parts:

  1. Industrial special-purpose computer – PLC
  2. Front end – HMI

For PLC control we use Omron CPH-1 or Schneider TM258 CPU or similar units.

These control units are proven on the field of capacity, dependability and of course they are a good value for money either in our equipment or in other professional industrial devices.

The complete configuration is formed by the individual requests of our customers, as the PLC control software is developed by our company according to the formerly mentioned aspects.

Main tasks of the PLC system:

  • Handling of hardware sensed thermal limiting
  • Managing of the I/O (operating) hardware
  • Control of temperature, moisture content, aeration

Main tasks of HMI system:

  • On the human interface: selection of commands, starting, stopping, selection of process types
  • Offer of ready-made PID controls, error indication, colour graphic thermal image about the exact temperatures of the dryer, etc.

Our HMI systems run on Windows based industrial PCs.

Operation and handling of our HMI systems is easy and safe due to the continuous development, with continuous operation control based on the moisture control from the real time inflow & outflow moisture sensing.