Explosion vents and opening detectors by ATEX standard

Processing, transportation and storage of grain and other plant / vegetable chips (wood chips, sawdust), or for example the manufacturing of flour and farina are all inherent dust formation processes with potentially high risk of dust explosion. The safe operation of machines and equipment in this kind of environment mostly require the application of explosion vents.

Explosion vents are special type of safety panels which open or rather burst at a predetermined pressure.

The release pressure of a certain explosion vent is determined by destructive tests (guaranteed with certification) and the panel cannot be restored after the explosion. The burst of the explosion vent releases the high pressure wave with relatively short time.

ELFAB Ltd. offers qualified, certified and CE-marked explosion vents in various sizes and shapes suitable for the protection of equipment against overpressure, explosion or vacuum. Various types of burst panels are developed for the release of dust and gas explosion.

The burst panel consists of 1 or 2 metal sheets periodically intersected with laser cut. The required burst pressure can be obtained with drilling and cutting the metal sheet by laser, according to a tried-and-true correlation, tested by experiments and with the “tabs” left untouched between the intersections. After reaching the burst pressure the panel opens alongside the intersection with extraordinary short opening timeout and without splinters, blowing off the explosion pressure in a well controlled way. After bursting the panel rests in its holding device.

The explosion vents are made of high quality structural materials with up-to-date technology according to the requirements of the relevant standards. The opening pressures are certified with the tests of sample pieces of the same material. The vents are equipped with quality certification according to ISO 4126-2 standard as required by the relevant authorities.

The explosion vents can be equipped (in the factory or afterwards) with ATEX-approved opening detection device. This detector is installed on the external side of the panel and in case of opening the detector signs an open circuit, making a sound or light or instrument signal for the operators so the protected equipment can be put into an emergency stop status. The combined bust panels can be made with integrated thermal insulation so the heat loss of the protected device can be kept on minimum level or the undesired condensation of the gases or vapours on the panel surface can also be prevented. The various panels can be made of flat or domed disc in various shapes (rectangle, circle, trapeze, etc.) and can be used for silos, filters, cyclones, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, furnaces, etc.